Route & Multi-housing Laundry

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    Providing flexible route laundry service and equipment is important to our clients. At Laundry Shop, we offer a variety of route options for vended or on-premise laundries. Choose to purchase, finance, or rent-to-own your laundry equipment. Split the income or pay for equipment based on the income generated. Flexible financing is always available!

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    Vended & Multi-Housing

    We serve a variety of vended route applications, including apartment complexes, dormitories, hotel guest laundries, and in doing so, we work with hundreds of property managers, condo associations, universities and businesses to manage their multi-housing laundries.


    LG and Continental Girbau commercial laundry equipment is engineered for quiet and long-lasting operations. Highly efficient and freestanding, most models are available in space-saving stacked configurations.  View Equipment


    Choose the Program that Fits Your Unique Needs.

    1. Revenue Share:

    Laundry Shop provides your laundry equipment and service. We share the revenue with you.

    • No capital outlay
    • Install advanced and highly efficient laundry equipment & card system
    • Service and repair equipment as necessary
    • Make collections from machines
    • Pay commissions directly to you, as the owner

    2. Rent Equipment with Service:

    The Laundry Shop provides the laundry equipment and service for one fixed, monthly fee. You collect the revenue generated.

    • No capital outlay
    • One fixed monthly cost
    • Service and repair equipment as necessary
    • You collect and keep the revenue

    3. Own with Service:

    Purchase or finance your Laundry equipment and handle collections and refunds. You pay a monthly fee for service.

    • Fixed monthly cost for service
    • Flexible financing programs available

Need Financing?

Laundry Shop offers flexible financing programs with a variety of terms to fit your unique needs. Our process is quick and simple. We are here to help and will walk you through the steps.
Contact Laundry Shop for more information.

Looking for pre-owned equipment?

Unlike most of our competitors, Laundry Shop understands the importance of selling quality pre-owned equipment. We offer a wide range of products and lines, our current inventory may include:

  • Washer-Extractors
  • Drying Tumblers
  • Ancillary Items

For additional information on pre-owned equipment please call 855-888-WASH(9274) or email us.